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Feb. 5th, 2004

02:04 pm - Arglebargle

Go Miokap, hooray!

That's all I have to say. Sorry.

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Jan. 2nd, 2004

07:52 pm

ok so here an update.

January 9th is gonna be MIOKAP's last show with Tall Mike on guitar. Well be playing at Club10 with Redlight Runners and the Pacemakers.

January 31st will be our last show as MIOKAP. Resident Jason will be playing our last show with us. Well be playing with Resident Genius at Breadstretchers. All the boys from MIOKAP, apart from Jason and Mike, will reform in a new band with all new stuff.

Wed like to thank all of you for your supports and criticisms. Its only been a 5 month run but its been an amazing one. I apologize to all of you who actually had/paid for MIOKAP merch ill give you all new merch from the new band if we make it. We promise to come back a.s.a.p. with newer faster and more in your face material. We have a guitar hopeful lined up for the new band already and were already writing new stuff. Thanks again for all the support and we hope to see you at our last shows. -dylan mutiny

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Dec. 28th, 2003

05:13 pm - MIOKAP lyrics

ok heres some lyrics for the new song we played at the last show. it doesnt have a name yet... if you wanna give us a good name, please feel free to do so. this is gonna be from memory so lets hope i can remember it!

Upper class has got me down
i stand up n look around
bodies on the ground
hippies cant be found

its a war!
class war!
its a war!
class war!

Im tired of working for them
same ol shite again n again
no more dying on the streets
fight together and dont compete

things just cant stay the same
weve fought long to make change
the time has come for us to fight
the time has come for us to unite

its a war!
class war!
its a war!
class war!

theyve kept us down for so long
theyve done us so much wrong
(they) dont know what its like to die on the street
(they) dont know whats its like to fight to eat

this aint for the weak at heart
this is a fuckin youth upstart
blow up a bank for some fun
working class' time has come!

its a war!
class war!
its a war!
class war!

class war!

i guess we could call it class war, but i want something fun! gimme something good. -mutiny(A)

Dec. 24th, 2003

11:55 pm - ]

miokap is fuckin' awesome.but, i never got what the name ment. well, i never asked. what does miokap mean?

Dec. 23rd, 2003

01:04 pm - fuck! i finally did something!

...on the computer without having lex hold my hand!

Dec. 18th, 2003

07:50 pm

Yeap, this is Joe. Nan couldn't figure out how to post so I had to for her. She didn't realize you had to be logged in to do it. Oh well. Here's her post:

i just tryped something.
but then i lost it.

saturday=no show for nan.


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Dec. 15th, 2003

01:05 pm - sXe

yeah im allready gettin enough shite from brandon, our drummer. lol.

if we can get all our shite together well be coming down January 19th or there about. (MLK Day) Only problem with that is working around school.

So far are show listings are this: Dec 20th and January 9th, both at Club10.

We should so play a New Years Eve show. hmmmmmm. -mutiny(A)


11:06 am

I have never heard you guys. Ever.

But something with dylan in it can't be that bad.

Except that he's a fukkin sellout.
not TT21.

"You swore "TRUE TILL DEATH!", but you're still young; you're not even true till 21!"
--Good Clean Fun

Yeah, I'll get off your ass now.

I'm sure you guys are good. Hope you play here in Jan.

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Dec. 14th, 2003

09:38 pm - miokap!

i love miokap. *and* i'm cool enough to figure out how to join their community, motherfucks!

nikki: i just joined the miokap community on livejournal!
dr. brandon: we have a community on livejournal?

hehe, nice.

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09:04 pm

ok this is the new MIOKAP community journal. to join it all you have to do is go to the "info" section and click on join community. and after that in order to post, just make a normal journal entry like you would in your own journal. when your finished typing scroll down till you see the link that says more options. there should be a box that says "journal to post in" select MIOKAP and post. pretty fucking hard, but oh well. -mutiny(A)

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